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  Product Name: Mahindra Scorpio Sle
  Solid looks and great suspension
  By: vijay 
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I feel really proud to write this review on Scorpio. I am proud because this is India's own SUV designed and made in India. I think most of the people and even the Scorpio Users don't know that this vehicle was designed by mechanical engineering students from one of Hyderabad's top engineering colleges. I am also proud that I graduated from the same college and working for a Fortune 100 company at the present.

Coming to looks, the solid look of Scorpio can make anyone on road turn heads. Scorpio's suspension is on par with many other SUV's present in the market.

TATA's take over of Land Cruiser and Jaguar from Ford forced tremors in Mahindra. These SUV's are not directly available in the market before, but TATA is planning to open show rooms for these SUV's in domestic market. So they are gonna eat a pie in the Scorpio market.

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