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  Product Name: Aircel
  Pay Less and Get More
  By: Basha 
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Aircel is the latest launched gsm service provider in our place and is the hottest thing buzzing around the place for some very good promo offers. WE get loads of talk time and free sim card just for activating using the sim card.What more can a youngster want more then a free sim loaded with talktime. I just activated one and started using it straight away and i am happy to say that i am more then satisfied with what the company provided.

The network is very strong and we can get connected almost from anywhere at my place. Even the biggies like Airtel and Vodaphone ,have not provided such wide range of network accessibility.The best thing is there is no congestion in the network which most of the competitors have and really gets me annoyed when we need to make some urgent calls.So aircel definitely scored a edge against itís competitors as far as network is concerned.

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