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You feel happy when you ride this bike  Overall an excellent bike. I think the guys who are above 5.5 ft can easily find this bike comfortab...  Bajaj Avenger    
Extremely poor customer service  Its been two months since reliance promised me a call back within 72 hours and a connection within 7...  Reliance    
Airtel Broadband is good   I am using airtel broadband from the last three years and I never had any issues. I had to call thei...  Airtel   
Bad service  I am extremely dissatisfied with the service and approach by the Airtel People.I have raised the com...  Airtel   
Latest techonology   Acer AS4520NWXMi Laptop Based on the powerful and affordable AMD 64 X2 Mobile Technology, the Aspire...  Acer Aspire 4520NWXMi   
Very helpful for us  hi friends, directly i am coming to the point..... this site helped me a lot. i got...   
Pleasant for family  Hi dude's It is a very nice place for family. This restaurant maintain quality food product...  Hotel Panchartna   
Lot Of Fun  hi friends, It is a very nice place for enjoyment with friends.and prices are also reaso...  5th Element   
Nice Mobile  Dear all, the phone is really good for basic users. And also the sound and radio quality is nice....  Nokia 5030 XpressRadio   
This is very good  hi friends! I am using CBZ. Its simply superb. Even after many years of usage, its performance and p...  Hero Honda CBZ X-TREME   
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